Features for v1.1 update (in progress)
More custom effects:
– Screen roll
– More custom effects based on feature requests (send suggestions to my email)
Demo game to better illustrate the useage of scripting and Multi-Faders
– A few game ready presets that follow the same conventions with a number of Multi-Faders set up for things like: take damage, death, big explosion, near death, transition to loadingscreen, a couple of variation sliders for looping effects. Switch between any of them and they will all work with the same script.
More tbd as the update is developed.

Longterm plan:
Animator/LFO: Set a curve and a duration + a few flags, assign it to one or several Multi-Faders
Animator Curve generator: Generate randomized curves for the animator based on settings, make quick flickering and periodic effects with this
Animator Random modes: A realtime randomized curve for non-looping random behaviour.
More custom effects
Full preset morphing: Lerp between two presets in realtime, useful for transitions or just cool effects

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